Noel Roberts6 days ago

I was thinking to go to another vet emergency hospital many miles away, but decided on this one because i live nearby, and i'm certainly glad i did because i could not have chosen a better, more kindhearted, fair priced, and knowledgeable team of animal lovers to help me save my kitty!! I fully recommend this place, the experience i had was top notch. I am very grateful to them and will be doing regular things there too like shots, deworming, spaying, and checkups. So I fully recommend PVAH to any and all animal lovers and pet owners in need of help for their animals.

I. R.3 weeks ago

Extremely kind and personal experience. From the initial phone call all the way up to check out everyone was incredibly nice and conversational, making this place feel like it was filled with people who care. I've never had such a kind and interested vet as the one I saw today and all the techs were very interested in making my nervous dog comfortable. Chud might not appreciate coming but he is never so nice to strangers as he was today, and he will definitely remember how smooth it went next time I have to bring him in. I received practical advice and assurances as well as an invitation to bring my grumpy dog whenever he needs, all at an extremely reasonable price and in a timely manner. Thank you very much Palo Verde team! Featuring photo of my dog hamming it up after the visit.

Saybe Portillo6 weeks ago

Great service & 100% recommend!! The treatment was excellent, although our dog was being difficult, the staff knew how to handle him! I love this place & definitely trust them!

Tiffany Ortiz8 weeks ago

My cat started drooling profusely and having "seizure-like" episodes on a Friday night and it continued all weekend. She had never done this before. I couldn't afford the ER vet so I waited until Monday to call. I called my usual vet and they said that they couldn't see her for at least 2 weeks. I called 4 other locations and then called Palo Verde. They were the only office to offer to put me on a waiting list and if anyone cancelled, they would call me. The next day, I got a call. The staff and doctor were so caring and friendly. We won't go anywhere else from now on and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Jim Shofner9 weeks ago

The staff was wonderful to me as we had to sadly euthanize our cat of 12 years. I would highly recommend this place for any type of services you may need for your pet.

Tracey T11 weeks ago

From the moment I called I knew this would be the vets office for us. Everyone was friendly, the vet made sure all my questions were answered, the groomer even helped out! We will definitely be going back.

Margaret Guinnip29 weeks ago

Palo Verde helped with my dog who had hurt his back leg. They were able to see him in a short time instead of 2 weeks out like other vets. They did what was necessary to treat him and did not try add extra procedures that were not necessary. They also kept dogs from passing in the hallway etc. which means they really care about the animals the animals territory. They will be our new veterinarian.

KC Griffin30 weeks ago

Not only do I like their staff, but more importantly, my Chihuahua seems very comfortable and pleased as well. I highly recommend Palo Verde for anybody looking for great pet care.

Lida Ellison30 weeks ago

Just recently went to Palo Verde for the first time with my pup Bear and Dr. Krumins and all of the staff were great. They made Bear and I feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions. I will definitely be going back. Thank you Palo Verde!