Boarding Registration Form

  • Boarding

    All pets must be up to date on vaccines for the duration of their stay at Palo Verde Animal Hospital and will be treated for external parasites at the owner’s expense (Frontline $20.25) upon check-in. Boarding pets will be attended from 4:30 am to 7:00 pm. Fees are charged on a per night basis. Pets are released only during normal office hours. Full payment is due upon release.
  • Daycare

  • Client Information

  • Pets

  • Will your pet bring his/her own: (Check all that apply. If yes, describe)

    NOTE: We feed Science Diet Dry. Canned food can be purchased or brought in for pets.
  • Agree below

    I agree to pick up my pet(s) within 5 days of the discharge date, and my pet may be considered abandoned if I do not. In event of my failure to recover my pet, PVAH is authorized to dispose of my pet(s) as deemed professionally necessary.
  • Palo Verde Animal Hospital staff will attempt to contact me if my pet becomes ill. In the event that I cannot be reached
  • Waiver: I do not wish for my pet(s) to be treated if s/he becomes ill. I understand that by declining treatment, Palo Verde Animal Hospital is not liable for illness, injury, or death of my pet. Provided that reasonable care and precautions are followed, I hereby releases Palo Verde Animal Hospital and staff of any liability of any kind.