Palo Verde Animal Hospital is proud to offer grooming services! Grooming services are available for your companions Monday through Friday by appointment only.

Contact your groomer for a quote as this is based on size and breed.

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New grooming clients receive 10% off their first appointment!
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Grooming Services

Full-Service Grooming

This package includes a bath/brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and external anal gland expression.

Shave Down Only

This service includes a full-body shave down with clippers.

Add-On Services

  • Standard Spa –  (No clippers. Scissors only used to clean feather, skirts, and paw fur.)
  • De-Shedding –  (Deep conditioner, blow out and brush using the Furminator)
  • Shampoo –  (Whitening, hypo-allergenic oatmeal, tearless, or deep conditioner)
  • Dematting
  • Ear Plucking –  Nail Dremel w/groom